Gambling in Macau

Ever since Macau has legalized gambling, it has been one of the gambling hot spots in the world. We know that Asia has always been a gambling paradise, and Asians are known to be big spenders on gambling. From its legalization, gambling has long since been an important economic tool for Macau. In fact, a huge part of their income is generated from gambling. At present, gambling tourists swarm Macau, while the natives do not like gambling much.

The forms of gambling available in Macau are horseracing, greyhound racing and casino games, just like in the United Kingdom. Lottery is also allowed, but all gambling services should secure permit first. However, gambling in Macau had not yet entered the online gambling world.

In the Macau casinos, the most popular gambling game there is the baccarat. Other games played in Macau casinos are blackjack and keno. There are many casinos in Macau like Sands Macau, Casino Lisboa, Grandview Casino and Casa Real Casino, which are hotel-type casinos. Another casino will be opened on 2007, which is called MGM Grand Macau.

Betting on sports event is also common in Macau like in United Kingdom. One type of this gambling by sports betting is horseracing. One can bet on horse races at the Macau Jockey Club, formerly Macau Trotting Club. A living proof that gambling is a big part of Macau's economy is the Macau Jockey Club, which employs thousands of people.

Because gambling in horse races is very popular, the Macau Jockey Club devised ways to entertain the numerous bets they get. They offer on-course betting, off-course betting, internet betting, telephone services, fast access terminals and Hong Kong Service Centers.

If the horse races are at the Macau Jockey Club, you can find greyhound racing at the Canidrome. Gambling players can bet by on-course betting or off-course betting. Off-course betting is offered at the Hotel Lisboa, Kam Pek Casino, and Jai Alai Palace.

Like in other situations, it cannot be avoided that gambling will be looked at as something bad. Gambling in Macau, like in other places, has always been suspected of connection with organized crimes and higher crime rate in the society. Gambling seems to be a haven for gangsters in Macau, and found it to be their new industry, their new source of income. This gives gambling in Macau such a negative image, even though gambling helps improve the Macau economy.