Winning Tips To Beat the Casinos

The American roulette is composed of thirty eight numbers including the 0 and the 00. Because of this, the casino has an 5.26 percent advantage. The French roulette is composed of thirty seven numbers and with this the casino advantage is 2.7 percent. The conclusion is that a casino player has to play French roulette since the advantage of the casino is lower than the American roulette.

A casino player should look for a casino that has an option of "En Prisión." En Prisión is an option that reduce the advantage of the casino in half. With this option, the American roulette has now only 2.63 percent advantage while the French roulette has 1.35 percent advantage. The casino player can use this option when the number that comes up is green. It is 0 in the European roulette and 00 in the American roulette. If the green number appears, the casino player has two options:

-Give in the half of the bet

-To imprison the bet. This means that the amount of money taken is off the table until the wheel is spun again. If in the next spin, the imprisoned number appears, the amount of the money will be given back to the casino player but there will no gains. If the player looses, the player will definitely loose. If the number green appears again, the casino player will have the two options again.

Casinos check the roulettes to make sure that they are in perfect condition so watching these wheels move will not work on the advantage of the players.

There's no roulette that will that will work on the advantage of the player. The more the player looses, the more he will increase his bets. So, when the player wins, he only gets a small part of what he has bet.

Decide on what number you want to bet and stick with the number, don't change it on every spin. The wheel will eventually choose a number after many spins, and you'll have more chances if you keep with the same number than if you change it.

Some casino players study the play before placing their bets, and they choose a number that has not appeared yet and take a bet on it. Trying their luck that it will come up soon.

Handle your money and try to consider an acceptable loosing or winning streak. If you finally reach the margins on either side, you may now quit the game.